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Hi, I'm Kevin Adams

About Me

A Digital Artist & Entrepreneur from South India, born in 2000.

I grew up with watching a lot of mystery and sci-fi movies & novels which pushed me into creative thinking.
I sought to create a ripple effect in anything related to design.

I started creating digital art since 2018. Since then i started creating benchmarks for a diversity of clients from various companies : Local and International. 
I was featured multiple times on various Adobe & Popular Art Community Pages.

Towards 2021 i entered the world of NFTs & sold a good number of pieces on popular marketplaces like foundation & opensea. 


I run a digital marketing & creative agency called " Millennial Labs " where we generate innovative ideas, unique visual languages and purposeful content to empower meaningful interactions with audiences, brands, products and purposes.

We build brands, strategies, graphic creatives, websites, and campaigns based on expertise, original ideas and strong concepts.We are passionate about technology and innovation.

Millennial Labs


LevelUp Learning

I did my studies at SRM University. Having Computer Science & Engineering as my course made me explore deeper into the digital world. I also had a huge passion on marketing and management which led me to Digital Marketing. 

The same time i also practiced graphic design as a hobby which led me to work with big brands and now into NFTs.

I wanted to bring my computer science background, graphic design & digital marketing practice together and do something cool which made me start my Digital Marketing & Creative agency, Millennial Labs towards the end of 2019.


During 2020 i co founded "LevelUp Learning" along with my friend where I'm currently the Chief Design Officer.  

LevelUp Learning is transforming online education by enabling anyone in India to learn from the very best. We are deconstructing what makes a filmmaker be able to create larger than life characters, how an athlete defies human limitations, and what it takes to tell a thousand words through a photograph. Our online learning content powered by a community of learners and mentors and diverse thinkers is available to students anywhere anytime, which supports our mission to ignite the greatness in others.