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About Me

Hi, I'm Kevin Adams

A Digital Artist & Entrepreneur from South India, born in 2000.

I began my journey in 2018 by studying computer science engineering at SRM with graphic design as a hobby. All the extra time I had enabled me to keep creating something different every day. I stayed consistent with my works & my designs, and I was able to reach a whole lot of people and have been recognized by many unique talents.

At the age of 18, I started freelancing for graphic design & web design projects and have been responsible for bringing concepts to life for some of the world's most exciting projects—including huge art communities that include multiple adobe pages!

I have a computer science background, which is where I got my start in the digital marketing world. But what really drew me to it was my love for creativity and the ability to help sell and resonate to a large group of people in a digital medium.

My company Millennial Labs was born in 2019, and we've been working with some of the most innovative brands since then. We're dedicated to using new tools, techniques, and strategies to help our clients achieve their goals—and it shows!

We've helped lots of companies build incredible brands by making sure they're leveraging all the latest trends in digital marketing and Social Media.

I entered the world of NFTs in 2021. By joining a community of amazing & talented people from all around the world, I was able to learn some fascinating topics around web3, their personal experiences & more.

After doing extensive research, I started minting my creative works and made several successful sales in big platforms like Foundation & Opensea.

I have conducted several workshops in Graphic Design, Digital Marketing & Advertising both offline and online for schools and colleges. I have mentored some amazing talents in different creative fields and seeing their progress motivates & pushes me to improve myself and be a better example than yesterday.

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